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I still have a blog, only because I kept paying the bill…

I’m back! Not gonna lie, its just for the ORC. The One Room Challenge. If ya don’t know, now ya know.

I decided at the eleventh hour to partake. I don’t have a plan but I have a room. Friends, it’s a challenge for sure.

We bought our house in 2013, five years ago. I had a four year old and a seven month old. We ripped, snared, and teared, did a marathon renovation to make the main four over four livable (*safe) for our wee ones. By four over four I mean, the main part of our 1858 home, living, dining library, and kitchen, under four original bedrooms. We completed this part in two years and added another Meininger baby to the mix, after which I gave up, gave in, got distracted. Leaving the whole servant’s quarters (maybe 2,500 square feet) mostly untouched. Well servant’s quarter’s, your time has come!

My original plan for the “Butler’s Pantry” through rose colored glasses, was a bar! A sexy, chic gathering place for my nearest and dearest. Kinda glad I’m only just getting to it. After five years in this monster, I know what I need and that is practicality. Sexy, chic, practicality. Is that an oxymoron?

It was a butler’s pantry for a reason and although I lack a butler, I still have a big ass house that needs a command center. This is gonna be it, a sexy, chic, command center.

In the eighties (actually the year I was born, ‘84) our home was converted to a bed and breakfast, I think sometime around there the kitchen was moved to the butler’s pantry, the cabinets def screamed ‘80’s when we moved in. It was SOOOO gross, like, not just ugly but also maybe rodent infested. I didn’t cook for a year and I LOVE to cook. We put in a new kitchen in the existing dining room and moved the dining to the library. Two or three years ago we tore out all the nasty cheap cabinetry, threw down some cheap flooring and called it a day.

My plan is sorta fragmented in my brain because I have, for real, been formulating it for just over twelve hours atm. However, I feel crazy good about this sexy, chic comand center née storage facility, at the heart of our home.

Camp Okotipi

Camp Okotipi