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All the Colors

All the Colors

As I've just painted about one million things and reused some of my fave colors, as well as been introduced to some new ones, I thought it a good time to talk about my faves.

I use almost exclusively Sherwin-Williams paints. It happens to be the best brand readily available to me and I like the peeps that work at our local spot, like, a lot. However, my trim is 100% Valspar's "fleecy'. It's what I used at my last house and it's carried over here. I like it and I'm not about to change all of this trim. I do REALLY prefer the solo line of trim paint from Sherwin-Williams, so I might try to have them match it next time I am in need of a gallon.

Wool Skein

I did not think I would like this color. After much hemming and hawing over a warm-ish neutral my friend at the paint shop talked me into giving it a try. I love it. Beige without being beige, warm, not too white. Here's my thing about white. Everybody LOOOOVVVVEEES white at the present, but I hate pure white, it looks cheap and builder grade to me. Like primer or the prepainted moulding you can buy at Lowe's, no thanks. It's very of the moment, it's just not my moment. It's ok if it's yours. Obvi it's workin', it's just not workin' for me. I digress.. Wool Skein is the shit! After I used it, my mom and my sis painted rooms in their homes this color. It's deep, dimensional AND neutral. As white as my walls can get, as it were.


I love blueeee. It's light blue, without being baby blue. It's happy and changeable. Kinda beachy-sophisticate. It might not much longer have a place here, because I'm ready for a change, but I will always have it in my back pocket when a bit of zen, sea breezy-ness is called for.


Dress Blues

See aforementioned love of blue. This is my new fave. My wee tiny bathroom is this color, all over. I also just painted a chest of drawers, for my little boys' room this color. It makes me SO freakin' happy. As it rolls on, I'm just like, "Damnnnnnn" It's not quite navy, lacking the moody quotient. It's just bright and fun. True blue.

Sashay Sand

I cannot even believe I painted my bedroom walls pink and lived to tell about it!! I have obviously completely broken Jason's spirit and can do whatever the hell I want in this house *insert evil genius laugh* Seriously, he has taken it well. It's so pretty even he can see it. IT'S SO PRETTY! I'll let you be the judge.. but for real, it's so pretty right???


All I have to say is "caviar". That's what sold me! Black is oh so on trend, still. While I am very close to letting mine go, it won't be without a bit of regret and I will definitely be doing it again. Can you say sexy??? Extremely. 

While I have lots of other colors on these mannnny walls, these are the ones that are speaking to me the most overtime and now. Also, I made it this far without mentioning this is my first blog post in over a month... I'm sucking at this. I'll try to be better once we get into the normal swing of things. Try... xx


I made it a year on ye ole blog!

I made it a year on ye ole blog!

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