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It's Almost Summer Home Tour

It's Almost Summer Home Tour

Summer is upon us my friends! We are stoked, here at Casa Meininger, for days spent lazing by the pool, the fourth of July (Tom Sawyer Days around here), baseball, and a family get away or two.

I'm so honored that my friend Jess at Domicile 37 asked me to join in on the Summer Eclectic Home Tour!

I'm excited to spend fewer hours in this house, making for a much cleaner living space and bathrooms, I pray! Ha!

I'm sharing just a couple scenes around here that indicate the mercury is on the rise. 

All summer long I cut flowering branches from, oh, just about any tree I can get my paws on. Mainly from my mother's abundant supply. I grow dahlias, zinnias, hydrangea and wild flowers in the yard to cut but they aren't quiet ready, the tulips and peonies have passed their prime. I was able to get my hands on some oak leaf hydrangea from my sweet friend Janice's yard for this occasion and a little bunch of pink lilies from a vacant house (shhh don't tell)! 

Also in preparing my home for summer, I've ditched the heavy throws and obviously swapped out book bags, for beach bags! HOORAY.

I suppose this might be happenstance but I refinished my Craigslist chairs in pink on pink, which definitely feels warm weather to me! 

One more that has nothing to do with summer, but I just finished my younger boys' bedroom and it is CUTE and a little like an old man's den. 

This tour is brief because I have a big one in the works, I hope. You all will definitely be the first to know when it happens, which should be VERY soon! Hence the eight million projects I've undertaken in the last couple weeks. Until then, happy summer my friends. 

Hop on over to the next home on the tour today Up to Date Interiors, it's sure to be a great one! I'm headed there right now! Also, check out all of the other gems linked below. There are so many fantastic homes are on display this week!


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