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One Room Challenge: Week Five

One Room Challenge: Week Five


I was feeling pretty O-V-E-R this whole experiment up until yesterday afternoon, when possibly high on paint fumes, that little wash closet started lookin' real good. 

I had to have the plumbing moved, electrical relocated, the (160 year-old) plaster walls patched and sanded, AND, very importantly, have my custom secret medicine cabinet built. All this, combined with my laughable demo job, took up the first four weeks of operation: pimp this powder room. Tile finally went in on Tuesday and I will have the pleasure of grouting it today. That means we are just sink and toilet installation away from fin. Holy crapoly, she's gonna pull it off, marriage intact.

Back to my epiphany, this room is HOT! Seriously barring a disaster it will be finished out and styled by Sunday and ready for it's close-up come Tuesday morn'.

What do people talk about in these posts? How to's? How to spend too much money? That would be mine. 

How about, how I saved a couple bucks?? Just a couple, be forewarned.

I did not replace the toilet! The existing one was totally fine. I swapped out the lever for a shiny brass deal and that's that.

I kept the tile relegated to the floor. I know, big whoop, but I realllyyy wanted to take it on up to the ceiling. Well, news flash (to me anyway) that was gonna cost a fortune, even in a tiny space. Tile is so painfully expensive. The tile I wanted, in reality, I'm grateful I was unable to get. The tile I did get was 1/3 the price and I'm freaking in love with it. Now, ask me in a month, I might sing a different tune. It's super shiny and I got a feeling it will ALWAYS look dirty, but she sure looks pretty when she's clean.

Whatever work I could do, I did do. Well, mostly. I could've laid the tile, it ain't rocket science, but when my contractor offered, I was like "Um, yes please" He's not into grouting so I'll pick that up. I also did the bitch of a demo job, as well as hours and hours of painting. Honestly I wouldn't trust someone else with the painting, I just like it how I like it. <--- says the control freak.

If it wasn't broke, I didn't fix it. As in, the door was great, the hardware more than adequate with a scrub and, um.. the toilet?? I guess I mentioned that. So, yes, a lot was replaced. I have a vision y'all!!

A vision soon to be revealed.. until next week, party people!!

Was that abrupt? It felt abrupt. 

Let me bend your ear for just uno minuto mas?

I'm seriously in love with the color situation. Which is ruled by Sherwin Williams' 'Dress Blues'. It's like, so, SO good in gloss. I went into my local paint shop wth one of the tiles and asked my bud Paddy to match it, but don't go purple. He said, "there's no way this won't read purple on the thingamajig". Ok, he did not say "thingamajig" but whatever. He thought we should just find a close match, in the 'not purple' fam. That we did. Thanks Paddy, this color is SICK.

I knew from inception the walls and ceiling would be the same shade of white and have a matte finish, so as not to compete with all the shininess in the world happening on the woodwork. I decided last minute that I would use 'fleecy' a tried and true Valspar shade of creamy, not yellowy, warm white, that I love. Boy, it's working. I didn't want any starkness in there and it's not. 

I'm feelin' it. Can you tell??? Now.. until next week, party people!!

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