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Autumn is Poppin'

Autumn is Poppin'

I have about one million things in the pipeline or rather 6 major and 15 minor over the next four months. Fun things but its going to be insane, who am I kidding its already insane!! Without further ado, sort of in order all of my major things:


    Opening my home for a tour in conjunction with the Steampunk fest in 2 weeks

    Hosting an engagement party for my little bro and his fiancé September 24

    Co-hosting a bachelorette weekend for my bff since the sixth grade

    Aforementioned bff’s NYE wedding

    Chairing my nonprofit’s annual fundraising night October 13

    The continued renovation of this old house, backyard edition, throughout the fall


All while keeping the kids alive and the 15 mini projects/events moving along.


That’s lots of content y’all!


Stay tuned.



A Small Thing

A Small Thing